So I know that a lot of you think that Canada isn’t racist. Unfortunately, you’re wrong.


A few days ago, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a statement regarding a public outcry for a national inquiry into the multitude of murders and kidnappings of Aboriginal women. Making up 4.3% of the Canadian population, Aboriginal women account for 16% of murdered females and 11.3% of missing women in the country.

The disproportionate amount of murders among Aboriginal women has been brought into the public eye by the murder of 15-year-old Anishinabe girl Tina Fontaine, who’s body was recently pulled out of the Red River in Winnipeg. Tragically, Tina has become one of the 1000+ Aboriginal women who have been killed in little over 30 years (remember that Canada has 1/10 of America’s population, so these numbers are even more heinous when you consider how small our population is)

So how did Stephen Harper respond to this issue? He made a very insensitive statement saying that he believes that the fact that Aboriginal women are three times more likely to be kidnapped and four times more likely to be murdered is not a “sociological phenomenon”, but a series of individual crimes to be solved by the police and not worthy of a national inquiry. He goes on to say that “the vast majority of these cases are addressed and are solved through police investigations, and we’ll leave it in their hands.”

Basically, the man who has been running our country for almost ten years believes that nothing should be done to prevent his country’s own citizens from being in particular danger of getting killed because of their social demographic. He refuses to recognize that an inquiry may bring public insight to this issue and give Canada a way to reduce the amount of violence and even prevent a multitude of Aboriginal women from becoming victims of homicide and/or abduction. Then he describes how well the police solve the investigations into these crimes as if solving the women’s murders somehow fixes the fact that this serious problem exists in the first place.

I beg you to please educate yourself on this issue. The amount of public apathy towards this topic is being fueled by the belief that Canada is some magical utopia where everyone loves each other and inequality doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, there are quite a few close-minded beliefs displayed by the government on a weekly basis. However, if we can begin to recognize that these problems still exist, maybe things will begin to change.

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